How to secure your Digital Footprints?

Everyone on this blue-marble planet is completely immersed in the digital world. The digital world is developing with such force that it is almost impossible to ban or control it as people want to be globally connected. But do you really aware of the hazards offered by this inexplicable magnetic digital world. 


The spellbinding digital world creates a situation where there are no secrets left. The internet mirrors, magnifies and makes everything more visible to everyone (The good, the bad: the ugly truth of your everyday life). Though you have a habit to delete the history or cache but in the internet space delete does not always mean delete. Your digital footprints are immutable and hence can’t be erased.  


Digital footprints are defined as the data obtained from the digitally traceable behavior & online presence of an individual. Whatever you put online further become your digital footprints. These online footprints can lead to various adverse consequences and one of them is identity theft. Your digital identity includes elements such as usernames, password, e-transactions, date of birth and etc. Digital footprints not only attract the interest of crooks but are also traced by potential employers, schools or creditors. Now, to understand more about this proportionate digital world let’s take a quick tour.

Digital footprints are categorized into “active “or “passive”.  Active footprints are the one which you intentionally leave. Posts you make to your own social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more. In contrast, Passive footprints are those which you leave behind unknowingly. For instance, there are websites which collect your info like how many times you have visited in the past and this activity leads to add on your digital footprints. The process of collecting info happens when a device at your IP address connects with their website. As this is an invisible process, so you may not realize it at all and so cluelessly leave your digital footprints in the internet space.


Although, digital footprints are not a complete picture of a person, but being a social animal you should educate yourself on how your personal information is being used online.


Though we are sure what we are going to reveal now might scare you to hell but it’s really necessary to make you aware of how your identity reaches to digital scammers/hackers. Reputation protection is feeding you up with some of the real threats. As you can be attacked by anyone from anywhere at any time. Certainly, there are numerous ways that fraudsters use to harm your reputation online.


Data breaches are inevitable, it may happen anytime but not having a backup plan may result in failure. Don’t get stressed. Reputation protection online ensure to give full protection. Taking into consideration that with the evolution of digital world, need of reputation protection is extremely important. We at offers you a variety of e-reputation protection plans designed especially as per your needs. There are professional plan, enterprise plan, and corporate plan available to you at low prices with huge discount of up to 10 or 20 percent on one-time payment. We promise that you won’t be a victim of online data breach as all the plans have been created to mitigate risks that you may encounter in the online world.

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