Claim Process

We have designed the claiming process in four simple steps as per our customer feasibility.

First and foremost, you must intimate us in detail about the damaging content affecting your Online Reputation as soon as possible based on the support available as per your plan. Actually, the sooner the better. We follow stringent timelines (which are mentioned in the plan coverage). We accept intimation only via. Email, Chat, and Call. Email is considered the most preferred intimation method because it just eases the entire process. We’ll help you with the entire process. Besides, of course, cheering you up about the sad, inconvenient situation you’re in. We’re friendly folks like that!

There will be a claim form which includes all the details required to get the claim. Our team will be assisting you in completing and submitting the same. You could request a claim form via. Email at [email protected]

Once you have intimated us with all the details about the content affecting your Online Reputation, a reputation consultant will be assigned to you who will do an independent inspection about the content based on the details provided by you. Our team will evaluate whether the claim will be considered or not. This whole process typically takes 6 to 8 working hours. Once it is established that the claim will be considered, we will define the complete scope of work along with the cost and timeline to fix the same. A detailed Reputation Analysis Report will be sent across for your acknowledgement. We will be expecting the confirmation to be done either via. Email or Phone, thereon we will proceed accordingly.

Once the acknowledgment has been received to start the work we will proceed further. Based on your plan we will prioritize your work internally. You can expect updates and responses from your dedicated reputation consultant as per the plan. You can expect results in minimum 48 hours from the day of acknowledgement. The timelines involved in the repair will vary case to case. In some plans claim, certain repair costs have to be paid from your pocket as per your additional requirements. You have to pay these additional expenses in advance, to avail these additional requirements.

After the completion of work, the reputation consultant will intimate you back with proper invoice of the cost incurred in the repair process. That amount will be deducted from your plan’s coverage and you will get an updated left over coverage in your plan. In case it is below USD 100 we strongly recommend to enhance the same for left over period against any such future incidents.

Frequently Asked Question’s(FAQ’s)

1. How can I claim my plan?

We have kept the claim process short and simple considering our customer’s convenience. You just have to fill in the details form and arrange a callback. Our technical team will connect with you as sooner as they receive your mail. Maximum it would take 24 hours to connect with you. Once the technical team appoints a reputation consultant, disclose the reason for the claim. The reputation consultant will define the scope of work and will send you a detailed reputation analysis report for acknowledgment. The work will start from the moment you acknowledge the report.

2. How does claim process work?

Being a new customer there is a cooling period of 2 months from the day of signing off the plan. If no claims are made during this period you are eligible for the claim else you have to pay the amount in full for any repair works comes in between.

1. What are the documents required to claim the plan?

We will take one ID proof and Address proof copy for Individual and Professional Plan for which the plan is bought. In case of Small and Medium enterprise we will need following documents:-

Company registration certificate, Partnership Deed, Proprietor/Director/Partner ID Proof ( Social Security Number, Passport, TAX ID No., Driving License)/ Tax registration

One copy Local Address proof ( Rental agreement, Utility bills like electricity and phone  bill maximum 3-month-old)

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