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Payment Plans



Benefits on Annual Billing

% Savings

Total Coverage 

Multi-Year Billing

Benefits on Multi year  Billing

% Savings on multi year billing


Total Coverage 1st Year 

Total Coverage 2nd Year     (20)% 

Total Coverage 3rd Year     (40%)

Coverage Includes

One Time Brand Establishment

Social Media Advertising

Paid Advertising

Press Release


Content Removal

Firewalling inSearch Engines

Brand & Domain Trademark Licenses

Takedown Notices

Geo *Local

Geo *National

Geo *Global 

Cyber Investigation

Legal Support/ Proceedings

Online Reputation Strategy Consulting

Claim Support 





Reporting Frequency






For  Individual's


per Year


$9 ($12)




$25 ($36)



3 Years




For Professional's


per Year


$199 ($240)




$559 ($720)



3 Years




For Small & Medium Businesses


per Year


$299 ($ 360)




$839 ($1080)



3 Years





1. Is it possible to customize the plan as per our priority?

In between the above three mentioned plans you cannot customize the plan. You could request a quote for customization of the plan. The reputation consultant will connect with you within next 24 hours.

2. Will the premium of the plan vary if we customize the plan?

Yes, the premium of the plan will vary as per your customization of the plan.

3. What is Priority Support?

The priority support is defined as how fast we will be able to connect you with the reputation consultant. The minimum time we take to respond is 30 minutes and the maximum is 4 to 6 hours.

4. Will my policy collapse if I fail to pay the installment on time?

If you have missed or failed to pay any installment, you have 15 – 30 days grace time from the due date within which you have to pay the installment otherwise your policy will collapse.

5. Can I upgrade the normal plan to multi-year plan in between?

No, you cannot upgrade the plan between the tenure of a plan. If you want to upgrade the plan to multi-year plan, you can upgrade it once your current plan ends.

6. How can I upgrade the normal plan to multi-year plan?

Once the tenure of your plan ends, you could request a quote for the upgradation of your normal plan to multi-year plan.

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A multi-talented high school teenager excellent in her studies and cultural activities had thousands of friends on social media. She got trolled/ stalked online by jealous colleagues. She was totally confused about how to react to the situation. We helped her secure online presence.
Jenniffer Victim of porn revenge
A high powered lawyer gained a poor reputation because of high profile cases. Being in limelight on a regular basis made him vulnerable for online regular scathing attacks. Protection Plan helped him minimized his cost of repair against any such future incidents.
Malcom International Arbitration Judge
Being in power makes you vulnerable not just from your competitors but from your surrounding people as well which has happened to one of top Fortune 500 company’s CEO. He realized when company’s confidential details leaked online. Plan not helped him reduce cost but also firewall his & company reputation.
Anthony Gonsalves* CEO of Fortune 500 company