Frequently Asked Question’s

1. Why should I take this plan?

You are saving up to 99% of the direct expenses coming to fix you or your online reputation. 100% cashless repair as per coverage of your plan.

2. After taking plan what I will get?

Once you are done with the payment. You will get contract note which covers the scope of coverage which includes proactive protection with the reactive response. You have 15 days to do redemption of the plan in case you aren’t satisfied with any terms and conditions.

3. What does this covers?

All activities expenses required to fix your online reputation e.g. advertising, PR etc. including legal expenses wherever applicable.

4. Is there a monthly payment option?

YES, there is a monthly payment option but is available only for Professionals and Small & Medium Businesses for auto debit facility mode only.

5. If already have negative content on the internet, can I still take this Plan?

Yes, you could take the plan but that will be applicable on future incident’s. The plan will not cover your past content. You have to repair your past negative content separately.

6. If the scope of work exceeds the coverage amount then what I will do?

The work will be done up to the coverage amount. But in case the work exceeds the coverage amount then you do not have to upgrade for the reputation management monthly plan. You just have to pay for the work which will be beyond the coverage amount.

7. Is it possible to customize the plan as per our priority?

In between the above three mentioned plans, you cannot customize the plan. You could request a quote for customization of the plan. The reputation consultant will connect with you within next 24 hours.

8. Will the premium of the plan vary if we customize the plan?

Yes, the premium of the plan will vary as per your customization of the plan.

9. What is Priority Support?

The priority support is defined as how fast we will be able to connect you with the reputation consultant. The minimum time we take to respond is 30 minutes and the maximum is 4 to 6 hours.

10. Will my protection plan collapse if I fail to pay the installment on time?

If you have missed or failed to pay any installment, you have 15 – 30 days grace time from the due date within which you have to pay the installment otherwise your plan will collapse.

11. Can I upgrade the normal plan to multi-year plan in between?

No, you cannot upgrade the plan between the tenure of a plan. If you want to upgrade the plan to multi-year plan, you can upgrade it once your current plan ends.

12. How can I upgrade the normal plan to multi-year plan?

Once the tenure of your plan ends, you could request a quote for the upgradation of your normal plan to multi-year plan.

13. Does this plan includes legal support as well?

Yes, Reputation Protection Plan includes legal support, which means if you want to take legal actions against the person promoting negativity about you, we will help you in connecting with the lawyer and charges will be deducted from your coverage as well. Litigation expenses will not be covered under this plan.

14. Does all legal expenses will be covered in this plan?

No, the charges incurred will not be covered under the coverage amount. We will only help you in taking legal actions. You yourself have to bear all the expenses which will incur during the legal proceedings.

15. Can I test this protection plan on a trial basis?

Yes, we are offering Online Reputation Protection Plan on 15 days free trial. Which means if you aren’t happy with any of the terms and conditions defined in the scope of work the money will not be debited from your account.

16. Will I still get any refund even after 15 days redemption period?

We are offering a 15 days free trial i.e. if the customer is not sure or in case if he changes his/her mind. The money will not be debited from your account. There is no refund in Individual plan After 15 days we will refund on the pro-rata basis only for professional and Small & medium business plan.

17. What are the documents required to buy the plan?

No documents are required for now. But you need to have email ID, Direct contact number and Address on which we can communicate directly with you.

18. How can I claim my plan?

We have kept the claim process short and simple considering our customer’s convenience. You just have to fill in the details form and arrange a callback. Our technical team will connect with you as sooner as they receive your mail. Maximum it would take 24 hours to connect with you. Once the technical team appoints a reputation consultant, disclose the reason for the claim. The reputation consultant will define the scope of work and will send you a detailed reputation analysis report for acknowledgment. The work will start from the moment you acknowledge the report.

19. How does claim process work?

Being a new customer there is a cooling period of 2 months from the day of signing off the plan. If no claims are made during this period you are eligible for the claim else you have to pay the amount in full for any repair works comes in between.

20. What is cooling off period?

For new customers, we keep a cooling off period of 2 months which means no claim will be considered during this tenure. If anything negative comes after this period claim will be considered.

21. What are the documents required to claim this plan?

We will take one ID proof and Address proof copy for Individual and Professional Plan for which the plan is bought. In case of Small and Medium enterprise we will need following documents:-

  1. Company registration certificate, Partnership Deed, Proprietor/Director/Partner ID Proof ( Social Security Number, Passport, TAX ID No., Driving License)/ Tax registration

One copy Local Address proof ( Rental agreement, Utility bills like electricity and phone  bill maximum 3-month-old)

22. Can I sell/transfer this plan to someone else?

No, You cannot transfer/ sell this plan to other. Nor the same plan can be used for another person for the claim. We will keep name and details mentioned while the purchase of plan has been done.

23. Can I use my or business plan claim for some other person or business i.e. relatives, friends etc.?

No. You can use the claim amount for yourself and Business for which you have signed a contract for the same.

24. How do I contact in case of claim or crisis?

At the time of crisis or claim, you could directly call us and define the scope of work. You could also mail or message us on WhatsApp and let us know about the crisis or the claim you want to take.

25. What are after sales support available?

We are available via email, phone, chat (Video, Voice) and physical address for any kind of support. You can ask your queries via email over the phone. We would love to answer them via email.

26. What are the payment options available?

Payment modes are easy and simple. You could pay the whole amount at once, and for that, you will be receiving a discount on the actual amount. You could also pay in monthly installments (available only for Professionals and Small & Medium Businesses for auto debit facility mode only)

27. What if I haven’t received any negative on the Internet or if I haven’t claimed?

If you haven’t received any negative content on the Internet or if you haven’t claimed, in that case, your coverage will be enhanced by 10% of the actual coverage cost. If the same thing re-occurs the 2nd year also, then your coverage will be enhanced by 20% of the actual coverage cost.

28. How can I renew my plan?

We have kept 3 simple steps to renew the plan. Just log in to your account and select the plan you have subscribed for. If no claims were made in the last 1 year, you can directly renew it. Select the payment mode and pay. Your policy will be renewed. But in case, you have taken the claim you have to request a quote over email for renewal of the policy.

29. Will my plan collapse if fail to renew the plan on time?

You don’t have to worry if your Credit/ Debit card is on auto-renewal for the plan, but if it’s not so then too no worries. A reminder will be sent to you 1 month ago for renewal of the plan. But then too if you fail to make the payment on time, then there’s  15 days grace period during which you have to make the payment for sure otherwise your plan will collapse.