Having a sustained positive presence online by protecting your E Reputation

With the internet being made available today even in remote locations, most businesses and brands are preferring to migrate online due to a number of different advantages such as low overhead, easy reachability, less expenditure, etc. On doing so, keeping a positive online reputation and presence is one of the key factors that can make a business.

Apart from businesses and stores, even individuals need to protect their online presence to have a positive impact in the long run.

Why is online presence important?

Being an open source platform that anyone can access, the internet becomes a ground where anyone can tamper with your image online. From a number of things such as writing bad reviews and feedbacks, posting hurtful or embarrassing photos or comments, being stalked online, being bullied online, exposure of confidential data, etc., a number of things can hurt your online presence and create problems for you or your business.

Here are some of the reasons why having a good online presence is crucial:

  • Employability /Trustworthiness – Information about anyone today is a public data and can be accessed by anyone with the click of a button. Whether you are seeking for a job or selling your brand, it is very important to make sure that you have a positive presence online. A negative feedback or review can deeply hurt your chance with an employer or when closing a deal.
  • Earnings – It is common knowledge that a company or brand with more positive ratings and presence will be the preferred option for all customers. To get good earnings and sales, online brand protection plays a paramount role.
  • Matrimony – As an individual, even matrimonial prospects might get affected due to the negative online image. Online Reputation protection thus plays a key role for your personal matrimonial needs.

Whether you are an individual, a professional or a business owner, it is very important to make sure that your online image is positive and well reputed.


E-Reputation Protection Plan

In a fast-changing world, even the best decisions can lead to disastrous results that can harm you or your business’ reputation. while there are various ways to protect your online reputation such as countering negative comments, creating a trust-based relationship with the customers, keeping track of fake content and more.  Despite every precaution and measures, you might not always be able to avoid online reputation risk and damage.

Bring in social media, and other similar forums online, it’s easier to understand how one wrong move can result in significant impact. E-reputation risk insurance solutions provide you or your brand with a safety net to lessen the effects of an event that could otherwise harm your reputation, your relationship with your customers and your financial standing. It becomes more important to take the measure of your exposure to a particular set of risks that could affect your reputation in case an event make a negative impact on your reputation.


Having an online reputation protection plan becomes all the more important because whenever people need anything, the first thing they turn to is the Internet. It has become kind of an all-in-one solution for everything. Many people make decisions based on what they find online. A negative reputation can really hamper your brand and business prospects.

Then there is this new aspect of life where online world is becoming more and more involved and if your online reputation feels any negative effects, it will also affect your real-life experiences too. In addition, whatever is posted on the Internet, will stay on internet for eternity.

If someone posts or writes something negative about you online, it can have very negative consequence. E-reputation protection plan is very much like any other insurance plan such as life insurance, health insurance, and so on.

As technology is continuing to expand rapidly, online attacks and cyber­ crime are also presenting reputational risks for both individuals and organizations. Thus, reputation protection plans helps you to reduce the certainty of financial loss which you will suffer because of cyber-attacks, as responding to any kind of cyber-attack is too expensive and time-consuming, and it can result in a scenario where your reputation will be at risk of bigger damage than you expected. We offers some very viable solutions that can reduce the possibility of reputation risk and lessen its impact.

How to get started with protecting your e reputation online?

As an individual or a business owner, there are some steps and measures you can take to make sure that your online presence remains ideal. These include optimizing your web content, increasing brand awareness and marketing, etc. However, in most cases, due to lack of knowledge or tools, people fail to protect their online brand image. That’s why we offer Reputation Protection Plan that will help you make your online image much more efficient and positive.

How does Online Reputation Protection operate?

We immediately get to work by managing your presence in a proactive manner and mitigating threats before negative impact becomes serious. We also run reactive campaigns at the same time to make sure that any negative cannot impact your online presence. We are also backed with legal support teams that can help you take actions against people promoting negativity and diminishing your online image.

We offer plans that cover all expenses including legal expenditure, PR, marketing and website/content development etc.

Choosing our service can give an immeasurable boost to your online reputation and also help you preserve it, in the long run, giving your business, professional or individual life a much needed long term positive impact. We offer protection plan on 15 days trial so that in case if you change your mind your money remains safe. The money will be auto-debited on the 16th day from the purchase.  Thus, take charge and protect your e-reputation before it’s too late or someone takes it for granted.

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