Reputation Protection: Are you covered?

Reputation risk is driven by a wide range of business risks. A good reputation is difficult to build and easy as pie to destroy. The impact of traditional risk is substantial but the impact of a reputation risk can be even more damaging and it can take companies years to rebuild deteriorated reputations.

The success of a business depends on its reputation. If the brand develops a poor reputation, it becomes difficult for a business to obtain new customers. If you own a business, chances are you’re insured for major catastrophes like fires and floods, product liability etc. but you might be far less likely to have insured is your good name, even though damage to your reputation can even bite as costly as any other disaster. It could be a great turn down for you to experience a bad search result on any web search engine as it remains there for eternity until not addressed properly. If a negative link or anything negative appears in web search results. It’s impossible to identify when such incidents may affect you and it becomes too tough to tackle such situations and face the consequences. Your former and current employees may leave you negative reviews which may become a threat for you. Even your Competitors/ Vendors may leave you a negative review to malign/destroy your or your company’s reputation and credibility. Even the CXO level executives are under threat. Their personal issues may also hamper your company’s reputation.

When such a crisis occurs, reputation damage can be painful for the company and direct & indirect damages are irreversible. Don’t put your reputation on the stake before it becomes a nightmare for you. It actually makes sense to safeguard your reputation for any such future incidents.

Big corporates have their PR companies to manage all such crisis in the first place but when it comes to individuals, professionals, small & medium businesses, either they don’t have budgets or priority to handle all such incidents or knowledge to handle all this on their own. Therefore, it’s highly beneficial to take Reputation Protection and secure yourself from such future incidents.

Online reputation protection is an innovative plan to shield you with a combination of proactive mitigation and reputation attack response coverage, addressing crisis communication costs incurred through our panel of experienced public relations experts. It covers all such expenses required in any unfortunate incident happening against you or your business online and help fix the same as per your coverage plan without any additional cost. The coverage will be specific as per the plan. The policy will outline the limitations of the coverage. The policy does not provide coverage beyond the limits.

Reputation protection plan covers social media advertising, paid advertising, press release, content removal, firewalling in search engines, brand & domain trademark licenses, takedown notices, cyber investigation, legal support/ proceedings etc.

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