Cyber Insurance

for Indian nationals only in collaboration with HDFC-ERGO

What if we told you that every second you spend online means a greater chance of exposing your valuable information to malicious activities and threats? After all, in India every 10 minutes a cyber crime is reported. But, don’t let cybercrime hold you back. Make the most of the internet; get insured and browse without a care!

Starting just Rs 1500 per year with coverage Rs 50000

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    Need of the hour for everyone as you are connected worldwide and vulnerable at the same time

    Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

    we have listed all the popular questions which has been asked by customers. Even if there are more queries feel free to connect us via email, call or chat

    1. Who can buy this policy?

    These days everyone, from teenagers to senior citizens, are active on the cyberspace. Every such individual is prone to online threats. Hence, buying a cyber insurance policy can safeguard against online frauds. The policy can be bought by anyone who is 18 years and above and can be bought for self, spouse and two dependent children (without any age limit).

    2. For legal proceedings, can I hire my own lawyer?

    Yes, the insured can hire his/her own lawyer but after seeking consent from the insurance company.

    3. What is the policy period?

    It is 12 months.

    4. Someone has overnight withdrawn Rs 1 lakh cash from my savings account! How can I claim it under cyber security policy?

    The insured can claim under E@Secure policy in the case that his account or card details are used to make online purchases fraudulently. The policy does not cover withdrawal of money from bank account.

    5. My family and I spend a good enough time on internet. How can your cyber security policy protect us?

    E@Secure policy provides cover to individuals and family of individuals for online frauds and crimes. This can include online purchase related frauds, email spoofing, phishing, damage to e-reputation, etc.

    6. My kids spend lot of time on internet. I’m worried and want to know how your policy can protect them

    The policy can be extended to cover dependent children of the insured. The policy can protect them from damage to their reputation online, from cyber bullying and harassment and the psychological trauma suffered due to such bullying.

    7. What are the coverage options available in cyber security policy?

    Risks covered under this policy are :

    • Damage to E-Reputation–occurs when third party publishes harmful information about you on the internet (including forums, blog postings, social media and any other website)
    • Identity theft – occurs when your personal information is stolen over the internet by a third party to obtain money, goods or services.
    • Unauthorized online transactions- occurs when your bank account or credit/debit card is fraudulently used by a third party for purchases made over the internet.
    • E-Extortion– occurs when a third party threatens you over the internet with the intent to extract goods, money or services.
    • Cyber Bullying or Harassment– if you are the victim of cyber bullying or harassment by a third party.
    • Phishing and E-mail Spoofing– coversfinancial loss due to Phishing and Email Spoofing.


    Add on cover:

    • Family – extends cover to include self, spouse and dependent children (maximum upto 4 family members)
    • Protection of digital assets from Malware- covers cost of restoration and recollection of digital data maximum upto 10% of limit of liability.

    8. What is the meaning of Phishing and Email Spoofing?

    Phishing is the act of replicating a legitimate website to make it look and feel like the legitimate one, and thus inducing people into doing transactions or sharing details on the fake website which leads to financial loss to such customers. Email spoofing is the act of sending emails from a fake mail id to extract sensitive information of victims like their bank account details, computer system, personal information such as passwords.

    9. How are Phishing and Email Spoofing covered in cyber security policy?

    Phishing is covered at 15% and email spoofing at 25% of the policy limit. The policy pays against the financial loss suffered due to the said attacks.

    10. I keep shuffling between India and US. Will I be covered for internet crimes in US?

    The policy covers loss incurred from online frauds and crimes on a worldwide basis. However, the jurisdiction under the policy for any legal action remains India.

    11. Can I claim under more than one section? Will I be paid under all sections, I have reported claim into?

    If at the time of claim, multiple sections are triggered, then the policy will pay for the claim under the section which has the highest sub limit. For e.g.: if a loss triggers both damage to e reputation section (covered upto 25% of policy limit) and unauthorized online transaction (covered upto 100% of policy limit), then the claim will be paid under unauthorized online transaction.

    12. Will it cover fraudulent transactions from my credit card done online?

    Yes. Cyber insurance covers unauthorized online purchase made online using your credit card, personal bank account, debit card and e-wallet.

    13. I had registered claim in January and my policy expired in February. I’ve incurred some expenses in covering my damages. Will they be covered?

    The insured can register a claim within 6 months of the occurrence of the crime, post that the claim will not be payable.

    14. Due to some reasons, I was not able to register claim within 72 hours, but I do have all supporting documents. Will claim still not be paid?

    In the event of a claim and to report a claim upon discovery of an occurrence of a specified event, the insured must give written notice to HDFC ERGO along with duly filled claims form with full details thereof within 7 days after such claim is made.

    15. Can I cover my family under a secure insurance plan?

    Yes, the policy can be extended to cover your spouse and 2 dependent children with no age limit and an additional premium.

    16. What is identity theft?

    Identity theft is the fraudulent practice of using another person’s name and personal information in order to obtain credit, loans, etc.

    17. Whether cyber security policy covers Identity Theft?

    Yes, E@Secure policy does cover identity theft.

    18. I just realized that transactions done in my account two months back were actually not done by me! What to do?

    If you are insured under E@Secure policy, then the financial loss suffered by you due to fraudulent online purchases made using your account details stands covered. The insured can register a claim within 6 months of the occurrence of the crime, post that the claim will not be payable.

    19. How to choose perfect cover under E@Secure policy / cyber security policy?

    The policy provides multiple limit of indemnity options starting from Rs50,000 to 1 Cr. The insured can choose any of the options and also take family and malware add on cover. The cover shall depend upon the insured’s credit limit, balance in his bank account and frequency and amount of purchase made over the internet.

    20. Does online defamation and harassment get covered?

    Yes, the policy covers damage to e-reputation as well as cyber bullying and harassment. In case of damage to e-reputation, the policy will reimburse the cost of appointing an IT specialist to counter the harmful content over the internet. The policy holder is also entitled to reimbursement of the expenses for consulting a psychologist to manage the post-traumatic stress. In case of cyber bullying and harassment, the policy compensates the cost of consulting a psychologist to manage post-traumatic stress.

    21. What is the minimum premium for cyber insurance e secure by HDFC ERGO?

    The premium for a minimum sum insured limit of INR 50,000 is INR 1,410 + GST.

    22. Hackers had locked my PC and I was not able to log in. Can I claim expenses incurred in getting my access restored and getting control back from hackers?

    No, this is not payable. IT expenses are paid only in case of e-extortion, damage to e reputation and malware.

    23. Can I protect digital assets from Malware?

    Yes, the policy provides protection if an individual suffers loss due to corruption or destruction of digital assets from malware. The policy pays the cost of replacement, restoration and recollection of digital assets which are corrupted by malware at an additional premium.